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This is a Sample article from the December issue of The Echo World. Linnea Star explains why it is possible to see and photograph images in Crystals. Linnea is visiting Charlottesville and Kezwick 1-3 Dec – and will demonstrate this ability.. 1st Dec. Friday Night Unity of Charlottesville, Lecture 6:30-8:30
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Crystal Images Given from the Other Side
By Linnea Star

Crystals have been used within the metaphysical realm for centuries. Crystals have the ability to create harmony and renew your intrinsic energy, within you, as well as in your environment. Also, certain types of crystals promote healing, ease anxiety and can assist with deep meditation.

Crystal ball gazing has been a method of divination from ancient Egyptian times. My association with crystals has been ongoing for quite some time. When I work with them as a medium, I often see images that form within the transparent orb itself. But the most fascinating thing is, that I’m not the only one who can see these images. Often, people I work with, and do readings for, can see them as well. I want to share a few examples of this, as I find it is so precious, and meaningful, for the people who experience this phenomenon.

A few years ago, I had a client hold the crystal ball for a moment. After she held the crystal for a bit, I asked her to take a cellphone photo of it. The images that I had seen in the crystal were captured within the photo. My client could see these images as well. We call this Mystical Crystals. When a crystal ball is held by someone and then photographed, everyone receives different images within the orb. The process of holding the crystal allows the person’s own energy to coordinate with the Soul Spirit energy that is trying to connect from the other side. Therefore, each person who uses this technique receives images unique for them. That is, what a spirit on the other side wants to reveal to them. This unusual form of divination is quite visual. In this case, the phrase “seeing is believing,” is truly fitting.

The Mystical Crystal in the photo was taken December 2016, by a client with a life-threatening illness. We were initiating a prayer petition to The Blessed Mother. After he held the crystal in his hands and took a cellphone photo, you can see the definitive image of The Blessed Mother in the middle area of the crystal. He has since gone into a remission, and continues doing well against all odds. There are numerous venues of divination to use when reaching out to the other side. The benefit of crystal images is that the client actually sees what the medium, or Lightworker, sees.

There are client instances where various spirit messages can readily be seen by all in attendance. At a recent private event, a young lady wanted to reach a beloved grandfather who, sadly, had died last summer. Through me, he gave much information that she could confirm to be true, but that I could not possibly have known, or guessed. When she held the crystal orb, I asked her to focus on her memories of him. She used her cellphone to take a photo of the orb, and then we looked at it together. There was writing inside the orb, in big letters. They read: PAPA. As it turned out, that was what she had called him.

At another private event, with a group, the hostess had, sadly, lost her husband soon after the birth of their son, who was still an infant. Her husband came through immediately, telling me he was the victim of a hit and run driver – something his wife confirmed to be true. She held the crystal, and then took a photo of it with her cellphone. When we looked at the photo, an image of an infant’s head clearly was visible in the crystal, and she confessed that the infant resembled their son. Everyone in the room could see the image.

At yet another event, a cousin of one of the guests started speaking through me, with information only her relative could know. For my inner eye, I was also shown an image of the cousin in her younger years. She had long, dark hair parted in the middle. When the living cousin had held the crystal, and taken her cellphone photo, we were amazed to see the image of a woman with long, dark hair in the same style as I had seen through my inner eye. In the photo was also a big, white heart. I took that to mean that this cousin was sending her love from the other side to her living family.

Perhaps the most beneficial result of this specific form of crystal divination, is that anyone can see what I often see in transparent orb. Showing clearly to everyone who is present that the spirit world does indeed exist. That the grave is not the end, but the beginning of eternal light. That the soul truly is eternal.

Linnea Star is a Psychic Medium who does Past. Present. Future. Linnea has displayed metaphysical understanding of the Universe since childhood. Her website is LangevinAxelsson Marketing represents Linnea. If you are interested in booking her for an event, contact us: 434-260-9952 or
Linnea is coming to Virginia for lectures and workshops December 1st to 3rd. Check out LangevinAxelsson Marketing Facebook page for details.

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