Immigration – Election Time and About Time to Get Some Perspective

The below is guest written by Sofia Karin Axelsson:
Election time and about time to get some perspective on issues that are to complex to leave too simplifications. Read Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream, by Ernie Bringas. A book about immigration that is intelligent and knowledgeable, by a first generational Mexican American:
“… my first purpose for writing is to help mitigate the prejudicial attitudes that prevail. It is prompted by what I consider to be a direct assault against the Hispanic people, most notably, against Mexicans …”

“I hope my family’s story— fleeing from the battlegrounds of the Mexican Revolution in 1916 to the USA—will help other Americans recognize the positive contributions made by immigrants that have woven their unique threads into the American fabric.That’s one of the great values of immigration. It’s the bloodline that keeps our nation from becoming anemic, and stagnant.  From top to bottom, the social, musical, athletic, professional, and intellectual contributions made by the constant flow of immigrants are incalculable.”
“We must be mindful that the benefits of immigration are a two-way street. I will simply say that I am eternally grateful to my family members who had the vision for a better life, and had the tenacity to make that better life possible by crossing the Mexican/American border.  I still marvel at their courage and foresight.
On the other hand, I can point with pride to what this country did for me and for our family as a whole. With open arms this nation provided all the opportunities needed for the pursuit of happiness, including education and job opportunities. We, in turn, gave back with service, dedication and loyalty. That will become evident as our story unfolds.”
Written by Ernie Bringas.
Images with courtesy of Pixabay.

Talking to the Dead, Politics and the Immigration Issue

biggercover        mexican-cover-bigger

As usual I have been reading two books simultaneously and compared them. I am wonderfully stuck in Mexican Roots, American Soil: A quest for The American Dream by Ernie Bringas and I just began reading Rita’s World, a View From the Non-Physical, Volume Two by Frank DeMarco.

In Rita’s World, Rita tells Frank:

“Pretty much everything you care about other than the composition of your character and the nurturance of your soul. Politics, ideology, economics, technology, religion, science, — you name it. I suppose I should add, “except in so far as they cause or reflect changes in what and who you are.” In other words, we don’t care about the results of the latest elections, but if you participated in some way, directly or vicariously, we would care about how that experience changed you.

You have to understand, everything is upside down from the way you think of it. The individual is everything, and the abstract mass – be it class or nation or race or anything – is just a shadow. Do you think the Democratic Party means anything in non-3D? if it did, then what of the Czarist Party in Russia, or the populares in ancient Rome, and so forth? But any given soul is of unchallenged worth, because it is real, it is a creation, and it is unique.”

Then from Mexican Roots, I contrast this statement with:

To be clear here, no rational person is advocating for open boarders; we can’t absorb everyone. Nor can we allow immigrants to enter our country without being vetted. We need a reality-based approach for solving the thorny issues surrounding immigration, including a pathway to citizenship. It will take considerable effort on the part of well-intentioned, well-informed, and well educated compassionate leaders to resolve the issue fairly. But an equitable solution will be impossible if ignorance and ethnic bias rule the day.”

Now I find myself agreeing with both of these statements, but then wondering if they don’t contradict each other. I am not sure if I am tricking myself, or if it is OK to agree with both statements. If politics and ideology don’t matter, then how can immigration be such an important issue?

Earlier in Rita’s World, Rita tells Frank: you love reading history books. When I was alive in a material world body, I used to love watching CNN. Neither activity is in itself important, it is in how they affect us as developing souls that they take on any meaning.

Reflecting on Rita’s words, I know that my personal reaction when I think about Donald Trump wanting to halt all immigration of Muslim peoples, is getting so upset that I lose perspective.

I personally have been to the Latin American celebration of The Day of the Dead in Mexico and in Peru many times. It is not Halloween. Families go to the graveyards and spend the day near the graves of their loved ones who have passed over. They bring the deceased their favorite foods, toys or alcohol, and they hire people to say prayers or play music. I asked one person why this was done and they said: ”We believe the veil between the living and dead is thinnest this time of year and that our loved ones can experience these things once more with us, and through this know we love them and miss them.

I feel it is very enriching to the USA culture to have these traditions brought here and woven into our tapestry of cultures. Yet will that matter after we die? If a person stays in the land of their birth and lives in poverty, or comes to the USA and works hard and lives in wealth, how does that differently effect their eternal soul?

My children and my wife were all born in other countries, and now live well in the USA. The immigration issue is burningly important to me. But is my passion for fair, equitable and human immigration no different than Franks reading history books or Rita watching CNN? When do world issues take on eternal soul enhancing proportions? Are all worldly issues in themselves only as important as any individual feels they are? What kind of worldly issues and what reactions to them affect or expand our souls?

It is October: in North America the month of Halloween, and in South America the month of The Day of the Dead. Is it the time of year that the veil between the land of the dead and the land of the living is said to be the thinnest and easiest to communicate through. I personally believe this to be true, and I plan on spending much of this month asking those who have passed over for insights and guidance on my most meaningful actions around the immigration issue.


My brother Dan just died


dan-and-me-years-ago fishing-with-dan

Me and Dan in 1989          Dan in the middle me on the far left fishing August 2015

Between us our brother the Spider to Dan’s right Jim and to his right my lifelong friend David Himmer.

My brother Dan died this week. He had been an important figure in my life all my life. In many ways I was amazed that he lived so well so long. He had been a five star chief and they renownly have issues. After decades of huge successes in that field he decided to become his own boss as a Horticultural Designer or fancy landscaper. He was a hands on kind of guy so even though he was in his seventies he had to get down and work hard beside the crew he employed. After enough years of this his back and body wore out. Last month the doctors told him he could not do physical labor any more. I guess at 71 that and years of self-abuse is what killed him. His love ones, we all hoped he would adjust and find a new way to have meaning in his life and live 5 or 10 more years. But while I was visiting my wife Sofia’s amazing and wonderful family in rural Sweden. I received the word that Dan had just laid down on his couch and died. Now for me there is a hole and a feeling of sad emptiness where was there was an older brother who I had a challenging relationship with but who had unconditionally loved me and who I had loved the same in return all my life. Death is not really a funny thing but I know Dan is more free and out of pain now. I am happy for his next stage of growth but I personally feel my life is off balance and less with-out him and my heart goes out to his wife Suzanne and his daughter Freea and his two lovely grandchildren all who loved Dan so deeply and daily and will have a big hole where a unique personality once was.

Traveling and Adventuring, that’s the life for me.

bb7633777470639fc44c06d7c869493d malmo

Some people have asked me don’t most people outgrow the travel bug when they are in their twenties. Why didn’t you?  Well in my defense there are many people who love to travel all their lives. I am among them. I feel I can see my life in stark relief and gain huge insights when I am hundreds or thousands of miles from my home base. I feel I am alive when I am in new places where people talk a different langue and eat different foods and see the world differently. When I leave a friend’s apartment on my own and I am concerned that I do not know my way around the new city and might get lost my senses become sharp I see everything in a different way.

I have been very ensconced in Faber, Va. For two years. But in my heart I am a gypse  and an adventurer.  I am working two businesses with my amazing wife, Sofia, Langevin Axelsson Social Media Promotions and Marketing and The Echo World Magazine ( but I lived in Northern California for twenty years and co-owned a farm and operated Magical Blend Magazine Publishing and managed to regularly get out on real adventures to Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. I think if you enjoy traveling and adventures then you can’t almost help yourself but go looking for risks to take. I like to think I hedge my bets and take risks that usually have at least a 51% of working. But I am not sure. I guess for me the other part of it all is I love stories. I have a wonderful well-traveled cousin, Al Langevin. He and his wife have lived in Japan and Germany for years and traveled everywhere. He justified it by saying. When I die I figure God is going to ask me how did you like the Earth and all I created on it. I don’t want to say I liked the 100 miles around where I was born. I want to say I liked the hot springs in Japan where the monkeys bathed and the old tower clock in down town Prague, in the Check Republic.

Me I love being on stage or with new friends and sharing some of the stories of eating monkey in Africa and visiting a leper colony while there. Or riding camels in the Sahara Desert. Or adopting my children in Peru thinking I was going down for two weeks and there was a civil war going on and I ended up being in Peru for six months before we became a legal family.

Now, as I write this, I am in Milmo, Sweden. Last night I wondered the streets alone while Sofia taught a class on Nordic Goddesses. I almost got lost. I bought my supper in a corner take out where no one spoke English. It was all great. I feel so alive. I just love traveling.


An article printed in Fate Magazine Edgar Cayce

The Man Who Revealed the Secrets of Edgar Cayce

edgar cayce book


A. Robert Smith has been a military officer in WWII. After the many years since the war, Smith has been an award-winning journalist, an editorial writer, and a Washington correspondent covering Congress and interviewing seven presidents. He is the author of ten books including the novel Ben Franklin’s Secret Love; No Soul Left Behind; and God Gave Me a Mulligan. A key life changing moment for him was his 1980 meeting with Hugh Lynn Cayce, the son of Edgar Cayce and founder of the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). Hugh Lynn asked A. Robert to write his biography. Jessie Stern, who had written bestselling biography about Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, had suggested Smith for the job. Hugh Lynn and A. Robert set up a weekly meeting so that the biography could be extrapolated from interviews.

Hugh Lynne told Gladys Davis Turner, who had been Edgar Cayce’s secretary, to give A. Robert access to anything she had stowed in her bank-sized vault. That vault was so big that you could disappear inside of it while rummaging through her stacks of priceless documents. Nobody had before this been allowed to set foot in this treasure house.

In the interviews, Hugh Lynn told A. Robert about how his father saved him from blindness, being in the Battle of the Bulge Army service under General Patton, and the ups and downs of creating the A.R.E. It took five years for A. Robert to complete the book. It was titled, About My Father’s Business. Sadly, Hugh Lynn died before he could read it. The process of finishing the book involved A. Robert deeply with A.R.E. He eventually became the founding Editor of their long running magazine Venture Inward.

During the research process, A. Robert came across a marvelous find. Plowing around in Gladys’ vault he discovered a manuscript that looked like it had been dictated. He asked Gladys about it, and she said:

“Mr. Cayce started to tell the story of his life, and I just typed it up as he progressed.”
“Did he finish it?” Smith asked.
“No. He was too busy giving readings.”

Too bad he didn’t complete it, A. Robert thought, but he was obviously too focused on helping other people to tell his story. Later A. Robert discovered another startling manuscript—a detailed narrative about Edgar’s childhood, by Edgar Cayce’s father, Leslie B. Cayce. A. Robert made copies of both narratives and stowed them away until he could figure out what to do with them.

He eventually found a way to combine Edgar’s life story with Edgar’s father’s account. Combining the two versions made for a very complete and revealing story of Edgar Cayce’s. People were at last able to better understand what lead up to Edgar Cayce becoming the most famous psychic of the 20th century.

The book was originally published by A.R.E. Press in 1997, and titled, The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce. It was an instant success among members and sold about 20,000 copies.

A. Robert very much liked Edgar’s take on life because he was frank and honest about his feelings, even about when his first love, a girl named Bess, spurned him after her father told her that Edgar was a bit crazy. Sprinkled freely through his memoir are confessions of doubts, of uncertainty, of yearning to be “normal” rather than blessed with an astonishing talent. His admissions mark him as a truly humble man who never let adulation undermine his motive of service to others. He remained the living fulfillment of his own saying, “If we ever get to heaven, it will be by leaning on the arm of someone we have helped.”

Among those who read Edgar Cayce’s memoirs was a literary agent, Sandra Martin. She told A. Robert that she could sell it to a major New York publishing house, and did so with St. Martin’s Press. They paid an enormous sum and published a hardback edition in 1997 under a different title, My Life As a Seer. Their hardback was sold internationally, and was followed by a paperback edition. Those editions sold about 40,000 copies, and the paperback is still in print. Now St. Martin’s is publishing a digital edition (e-book) of My Life as a Seer: The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce for readers who prefer an Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook.

At the age of 91, after recovering from a massive stroke, A. Robert has come out with his tenth book: Robert’s 101 Rules of Order for a GOOD LIFE. He got the inspiration to write the book at a Quaker meeting when a women stood up and said. “God is Love.” When he meditated on this he realized that he really saw God as just that – Love Energy and forgiveness. This led him to decide to distill his very full life’s experience so others could live the good life. His involvement in the life and teachings of Edgar Cayce was surely an important part of those life experiences.

Is reincarnation real? What does shamanism say about it?

Love_by_smokepaint (2)

In his recent book A. Robert Smith makes a case for reincarnation. He talks of his experiences as the founding Editor of Venture Inward Magazine published by the Edgar Cayce foundation. He refers to all the studies of children born with detail memories of past lives.

In Jesusgate A History of Concealment Unraveled, the author speaks of the multitude of now thought to be exotic beliefs that many diverse Christian groups and sects had among them many forms of reincarnation before the Council of Nicea in 325 AD banned all but the agreed on bible.


The first time I went to Peru in 1973 I had many visions of Inca Gods and Goddesses. Who informed me that I had made a deal with them in a past life in the Inca Empire.


I have returned to Latin America often since then and been lucky, blessed and persistent enough to find many authentic shamans to study with and do ritual and ceremony with. Their views on reincarnation run a large gamut. Some see it very simply. You live you die you are reborn over and over and over. Most have much more in depth views on life after death. Most feel we have choices. We have many levels to our being/ soul and each level has choices. We are made up of pieces of many beings who lived before and each piece has choices. We can choose to be ghosts or cease to exist or exist in our belief system or in our fantasy world. We can split our being/soul after death part of us can stay on earth to finish work as a spirit, part can go evolving in the astral planes, part can sit in a place those who think of us can visit in trance or dreams, part can reincarnate.

I think it funny Christianity does not teach about simple reincarnation but even funnier that few spiritual teachers take on the teaching of the complex Latin American Shamanic views of life after death.

Phineas Goodhue, Ghosts, Communication with the Dead, and the Impossible



gave tombstones

I often ask myself is my life really unusually magical and unique and if so why?

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs in recent weeks I got caught up in two fascinating book. The first is Jesusgate which has made me realize that there is so much of my early roman catholic training which I have not yet unpacked. This book states that there were countless sects of Christianity all over the place before the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, then it became a universal doctrine of the church but before that everybody beloved different wild and far out things about Jesus and his teachings. Some beloved he was just a spirit and his body was an illusion others beloved he never died. This book also mentions the many gods and demi-gods whose stories existed before Christ and were born on December 25th and died in the spring and were resurrected in three days. I can’t stop rereading this book to figure out what I believe.

The second book is The 101 Rules this book is written by a 01 year old man who was a petty officer in WWII and survived Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima. He was a political reporter in Washington DC for decades and interviewed seven presidents. Recently he survived a major Stroke and went on to return to his near normal functioning and write this book.In it he quotes many people to explore what a good life is and how we can best live our own best good life. This getting our priorities straight I think is something we should every one of us do so we know what we want to achieve in life and how we want to live.

Magic and the Occult has always been important in my life. I was born the son of a funeral director who was also the son of a funeral director. Our farm I grew up on was nearly surrounded by cemeteries. I and or my two brothers were expected to go into the family business. When I was five my father brought me to the morgue with him and made me touch a dead body. He said it was important I got over my fear of death early because most people give their power away to the fear of death.

When I was in 11 in the sixth grade nights my father would get a late night call and have no one to help him move the body he began waking me up to go with him. Some of the dead bodies were on the third or four floors of old tenements with narrow staircases. We would have to strap them on my back to get them down the steep winding stairs. I would go to school the next morning tires and look around and say to myself no one else had to wake up and carry and help embalm dead bodies before school.


By the time I was in Junior High School.  I was thirteen. I had been helping my father on actual funerals. We lived in New England where the snow gets deep and the ground freezes solid. To dig a grave in the winter the cemetery workers would use a back hoe to did the grave. The snow covers many grave markers so often they would by mistake unearth very old skeletons and not even realize it.  I had been given a fifty-gallon fish tank that I had kept pet spiders in in the summer. After I was done with my funeral responsibilities I took to returning to the graveyards and gathering up stray human bones. I thought it was cool and not something most people would do or even approve of.

As the winter turned to spring my Terrarium filled up. It was then I began having the weirdest dreams of my young life. It was like being in a hurricane of ghosts and voices speaking in many different languages trying to tell me things and demand things I could not understand. This went on for over a week. I was exhauster during the days but afraid to sleep at night. I thought I was going insane. There were no explanations in any of my books.  I began praying for it to stop and for my sanity to return. Then one night a man dressed in very old cloths appeared to me in the usual hurricane. At first I could not hear his words. But by focusing I finally made out what he said. “I am Phineas Goodhue. I have volunteered to be the spokesperson for the spirits of the bones. All of the many spirits connected with your collection of bones were in various stated of their after life decisions. But by taking their bones here to your bedroom away from where they were buried in the ground you have disrupted their spirits’ journeys. They have been trying to communicate with you but you were unequipped to understand. You must rebury their bones, that they may all return to their afterlife decisions. I asked in a what I guess to this day was a waking dream. What if I don’t rebury them, He said they will truly drive you insane. Until this day I am not sure where what I said next came from. I said, I will make a deal with all of you I will bury the bones if you will reveal to me spiritual and magical knowledge for the rest of my life. Phineas answered without hesitation, “We have an agreement then.” I fell into a deep sleep the next day was Sunday I slept until 10 AM the family was at church. Then I got a burlap bag and put every bone and crumb of bone into the bag. I went to our garage and took a spade. I hiked through the woods to a deserted seldom visited part of one of the near-by cemeteries. I spend two hours digging a very deep hole. I placed the bones in the bottom and said, “Now remember our deal I have kept my part. I expect you will keep yours.” Then I filled the hole up and covered it with leaves so no one would see it was freshly dug.


I had no more dreams and began catching garden snakes that week to keep in the terriumun.  A few months later I was in the oldest part of the cemetery across the street from our farm reading old tombstone poems. I found one I had never before noticed the name was Phineas Goodhue and on it read “Stop my friends as you pass by as you are now so once was I as I am now so you must be prepare for death and follow me.”


I swear my life ever since was blessed with Magic, adventure and amazing experiences.


Dirty, Dangerous, Edgy, Shamanism, Should I Share Details?

I have been to comfortable shamanic rituals in living rooms and lodges. Sometimes powerful magic occurs. Often time it feels to clean and sterile for me. Yet magic is with us always if we live it and stay mindful in our intent. Magic is everywhere. I recently became rather fixated on these two books: JesusGate: A History of Concealment Unraveled, by Ernie Bringas. And Robert’s 101 Rules of Order for a Good Life by A. Robert Smith

cover Jesuse gatecover A robert's 101 rshamanism

Why? And what do they have to do with Shamanism? Jesusgate historically states that the odds are that no one who wrote the Bible was an original apostle or even eye witness to Jesus’ life. That tells me some very powerful magic underlies Christianity and the bible and how it is viewed.

Robert’s 101 Rules quotes everyone from Ben Franklin to Edgar Cayce to explain what a good life might be and how we can live one. This is shamanism this is magic in a simple but strong form.

Three years ago while I was living in the Yucatan of Mexico I spent time with some powerful magic workers, many of them Mayan. What they shared in common was that shamanic magic is about intent, expectation, often weird and strange rituals and results!

Shamanism comes in countless forms. I first visited Peru in 1974. I have been traveling back often to Latin America since then. I have, when I could arrange it, lived there. I am not a shaman. I will always be a student. The kind of shamanism I like best are the uncomfortable kinds. If I am facing my fears, my limits, my doubts, my insecurities, my need for comfort then I feel most open to strong life altering life enhancing magic.

If I am in the Amazon River Basin covered in sweat and mud and being bitten by insects as a shaman sings one of the sweetest songs I ever heard I know, something is moving. When I was not aware I was supposed to fast before taking Ayahuasca and I had the runs, and was throwing up and the wax in my ears was melting down my cheeks and I felt so bad I wanted to die, then I knew I was on the edge of a major breakthrough. When it was so cold my warm cloths felt like rags and only coca leaves kept me from freezing to death on an Andean Mountain peak and a shaman danced and I had visions of the Ice Goddess, I knew magic was real.

Tijuana’s Little People

I just finished reading two good books Robert’s 101 Rules of Order to a Good Life by A. Robert Smith and Jesusgate by Ernie Bringas they restarted me thinking over my  recent years. They inspired me to begin writing my new book on my blog.

little people4 (1)

After over a year of internet courting from the Americas to Sweden, Sofia came to spend six months traveling in Mexico with me. I had to tie up many loose ends in San Diego and was working two jobs to try and save some money towards the trip. We rented a lovely studio apartment on the Playa de Tijuana  (The Beach of Tijuana. )  It was a block from the ocean, inexpensive and magical. There were dolphins and seals swimming in the waves. You could sit in a café at night sip beer or cheap wine and watch the lights of downtown San Diego. The city of Tijuana is very safe in the days if you stay clear of all drugs. I would get up at 3 AM three mornings a week to drive across the border otherwise the wait was three to five hours. I would often spend a night at my sons rented house then driving back into Mexico is fast an easy anytime my work was through. In between I could work on my smart phone from any café.

Sofia and I explored many new places our different magic, shamanic, witchcraft and trance studies and practices overlapped. But the strangest perhaps was one morning I was to work in a café in Tijuana I was sitting on the toilet and out of the wall danced seven little Elves? I thought I was hallucinating. They proceeded to put on a show for me. Which they did many mornings over the two months we lived there. Usually making fun of me and Sofia and the people we knew and explain simple ways to improve our relationship and our lives.


A piece of my new book maybe?

The web the weave

I just finished reading two good books Robert’s 101 Rules of Order to a Good Life by A. Robert Smith and Jesusgate by Ernie Bringas they restarted me thinking over my past year and recent years. Technology has been important to me since I co-Founded Magical Blend Magazine. However in the most recent year I came to see it as an important part of my good life and my personal spiritual path.

MB #1

My almost 28 year old son Henry is great technically and loves vidio games especially Halo. He has taught me so much in these areas that expand my understandings of the potential of realities. My almost 27 year old daughter Sophia and her boyfriend have become Pokemon go fanatics. Hearing their enthusiasm and joy around this new evolution of apps and video games has forced me to expand my view of magic, fantasy, technology and how they can influence everyone’s lives.

In a good effective Shamanic ceremony, you become aware of your connectedness to all things on much deeper levels. You call on spiritual entities or forces or Gods and Goddesses. You often see the lines of energy that run from everything which exists to every other thing which exist. One ceremony I partook of a ritualistic substances and could not stay in this present day earth dimension. I kept rocketing off to alternative and expanded and even lower vibrational dimensions. It was beyond mind stretching and imagination stretching it was downright confusing and scary and overwhelming. Eventually I leaned against an old large tree which began speaking to me. It told me that it and most other things which exist on earth expand into most of these other dimensions. It said humans do but most levels are unaware of the other states of existence. But some beings like old growth trees and mountain ranges and rivers knew they existed in all these other dimensions at the same time which is no time.


In recent years due to work or research I and my wife Sofia have spent nine and ten hour days working on the internet more days than not for the recent year. We have become aware that our awareness expands differently but similarly as in Shamanic ceremony. We almost stop being human consciousness in human bodies. We flatten out and expand. I think of the old movie Tron. We become like many tentacles squids. We use our knowledge and skills to surf the web. We use our intuition to guide us to how best to position our clients to better promote their products, books or services. We stop where we can observe new uses of the technologies and where we can expand our knowledge base and expand our skills.


With powerful Shamanic ceremonies you have to scheduled one to three days of rest and reintegration before you can act natural in the normal world.  With our multiple months in the internet we find it is similar we must then schedule down time with very minimal use of any electronics. Lots of sleeping, good meals and a good deal of time in nature. Sex also helps. Only after a couple days or more of this down time can we buster ourselves back into the saddle and renter the wild new pioneer world of cyber space


Technology is like fire and money it is a double edged sword. It has ruined many lives It has enslaved many people. However, it can be and must be used in a mindful, intentional and controlled way and when that is done it is a cornucopia of wonderful possibilities. My wonderful wife Sofia Karen and I work in pretty much for the present live in social media. We love it we use it to promote good books, products, businesses and services to people whose lives will be better for knowing about them. But we do make a point of not owning a TV. And we do not allow ourselves to use our computers except on special events after 7 PM. We also hike at minimum an hour a day in nature and many weekends hike for many hours without any technology except a turned off cell phone for emergencies.


As I write this we have a client who is 91. He is a well-read author. He hired us partially to help promote him and his latest book in our unique fashion but he made it clear he wanted us to teach him all about social media and what we know about cutting edge technology. He wants to stretch and learn and be able to utilize new tools effectively into his late nineties. He is my new role model. I want to have adventures, do magic, write, learn and evolve until I am in my late 90’s and beyond.