Phineas Goodhue, Ghosts, Communication with the Dead, and the Impossible



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I often ask myself is my life really unusually magical and unique and if so why?

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs in recent weeks I got caught up in two fascinating book. The first is Jesusgate which has made me realize that there is so much of my early roman catholic training which I have not yet unpacked. This book states that there were countless sects of Christianity all over the place before the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, then it became a universal doctrine of the church but before that everybody beloved different wild and far out things about Jesus and his teachings. Some beloved he was just a spirit and his body was an illusion others beloved he never died. This book also mentions the many gods and demi-gods whose stories existed before Christ and were born on December 25th and died in the spring and were resurrected in three days. I can’t stop rereading this book to figure out what I believe.

The second book is The 101 Rules this book is written by a 01 year old man who was a petty officer in WWII and survived Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima. He was a political reporter in Washington DC for decades and interviewed seven presidents. Recently he survived a major Stroke and went on to return to his near normal functioning and write this book.In it he quotes many people to explore what a good life is and how we can best live our own best good life. This getting our priorities straight I think is something we should every one of us do so we know what we want to achieve in life and how we want to live.

Magic and the Occult has always been important in my life. I was born the son of a funeral director who was also the son of a funeral director. Our farm I grew up on was nearly surrounded by cemeteries. I and or my two brothers were expected to go into the family business. When I was five my father brought me to the morgue with him and made me touch a dead body. He said it was important I got over my fear of death early because most people give their power away to the fear of death.

When I was in 11 in the sixth grade nights my father would get a late night call and have no one to help him move the body he began waking me up to go with him. Some of the dead bodies were on the third or four floors of old tenements with narrow staircases. We would have to strap them on my back to get them down the steep winding stairs. I would go to school the next morning tires and look around and say to myself no one else had to wake up and carry and help embalm dead bodies before school.


By the time I was in Junior High School.  I was thirteen. I had been helping my father on actual funerals. We lived in New England where the snow gets deep and the ground freezes solid. To dig a grave in the winter the cemetery workers would use a back hoe to did the grave. The snow covers many grave markers so often they would by mistake unearth very old skeletons and not even realize it.  I had been given a fifty-gallon fish tank that I had kept pet spiders in in the summer. After I was done with my funeral responsibilities I took to returning to the graveyards and gathering up stray human bones. I thought it was cool and not something most people would do or even approve of.

As the winter turned to spring my Terrarium filled up. It was then I began having the weirdest dreams of my young life. It was like being in a hurricane of ghosts and voices speaking in many different languages trying to tell me things and demand things I could not understand. This went on for over a week. I was exhauster during the days but afraid to sleep at night. I thought I was going insane. There were no explanations in any of my books.  I began praying for it to stop and for my sanity to return. Then one night a man dressed in very old cloths appeared to me in the usual hurricane. At first I could not hear his words. But by focusing I finally made out what he said. “I am Phineas Goodhue. I have volunteered to be the spokesperson for the spirits of the bones. All of the many spirits connected with your collection of bones were in various stated of their after life decisions. But by taking their bones here to your bedroom away from where they were buried in the ground you have disrupted their spirits’ journeys. They have been trying to communicate with you but you were unequipped to understand. You must rebury their bones, that they may all return to their afterlife decisions. I asked in a what I guess to this day was a waking dream. What if I don’t rebury them, He said they will truly drive you insane. Until this day I am not sure where what I said next came from. I said, I will make a deal with all of you I will bury the bones if you will reveal to me spiritual and magical knowledge for the rest of my life. Phineas answered without hesitation, “We have an agreement then.” I fell into a deep sleep the next day was Sunday I slept until 10 AM the family was at church. Then I got a burlap bag and put every bone and crumb of bone into the bag. I went to our garage and took a spade. I hiked through the woods to a deserted seldom visited part of one of the near-by cemeteries. I spend two hours digging a very deep hole. I placed the bones in the bottom and said, “Now remember our deal I have kept my part. I expect you will keep yours.” Then I filled the hole up and covered it with leaves so no one would see it was freshly dug.


I had no more dreams and began catching garden snakes that week to keep in the terriumun.  A few months later I was in the oldest part of the cemetery across the street from our farm reading old tombstone poems. I found one I had never before noticed the name was Phineas Goodhue and on it read “Stop my friends as you pass by as you are now so once was I as I am now so you must be prepare for death and follow me.”


I swear my life ever since was blessed with Magic, adventure and amazing experiences.


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