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I just finished reading two good books Robert’s 101 Rules of Order to a Good Life by A. Robert Smith and Jesusgate by Ernie Bringas they restarted me thinking over my past year and recent years. Technology has been important to me since I co-Founded Magical Blend Magazine. However in the most recent year I came to see it as an important part of my good life and my personal spiritual path.

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My almost 28 year old son Henry is great technically and loves vidio games especially Halo. He has taught me so much in these areas that expand my understandings of the potential of realities. My almost 27 year old daughter Sophia and her boyfriend have become Pokemon go fanatics. Hearing their enthusiasm and joy around this new evolution of apps and video games has forced me to expand my view of magic, fantasy, technology and how they can influence everyone’s lives.

In a good effective Shamanic ceremony, you become aware of your connectedness to all things on much deeper levels. You call on spiritual entities or forces or Gods and Goddesses. You often see the lines of energy that run from everything which exists to every other thing which exist. One ceremony I partook of a ritualistic substances and could not stay in this present day earth dimension. I kept rocketing off to alternative and expanded and even lower vibrational dimensions. It was beyond mind stretching and imagination stretching it was downright confusing and scary and overwhelming. Eventually I leaned against an old large tree which began speaking to me. It told me that it and most other things which exist on earth expand into most of these other dimensions. It said humans do but most levels are unaware of the other states of existence. But some beings like old growth trees and mountain ranges and rivers knew they existed in all these other dimensions at the same time which is no time.


In recent years due to work or research I and my wife Sofia have spent nine and ten hour days working on the internet more days than not for the recent year. We have become aware that our awareness expands differently but similarly as in Shamanic ceremony. We almost stop being human consciousness in human bodies. We flatten out and expand. I think of the old movie Tron. We become like many tentacles squids. We use our knowledge and skills to surf the web. We use our intuition to guide us to how best to position our clients to better promote their products, books or services. We stop where we can observe new uses of the technologies and where we can expand our knowledge base and expand our skills.


With powerful Shamanic ceremonies you have to scheduled one to three days of rest and reintegration before you can act natural in the normal world.  With our multiple months in the internet we find it is similar we must then schedule down time with very minimal use of any electronics. Lots of sleeping, good meals and a good deal of time in nature. Sex also helps. Only after a couple days or more of this down time can we buster ourselves back into the saddle and renter the wild new pioneer world of cyber space


Technology is like fire and money it is a double edged sword. It has ruined many lives It has enslaved many people. However, it can be and must be used in a mindful, intentional and controlled way and when that is done it is a cornucopia of wonderful possibilities. My wonderful wife Sofia Karen and I work in pretty much for the present live in social media. We love it we use it to promote good books, products, businesses and services to people whose lives will be better for knowing about them. But we do make a point of not owning a TV. And we do not allow ourselves to use our computers except on special events after 7 PM. We also hike at minimum an hour a day in nature and many weekends hike for many hours without any technology except a turned off cell phone for emergencies.


As I write this we have a client who is 91. He is a well-read author. He hired us partially to help promote him and his latest book in our unique fashion but he made it clear he wanted us to teach him all about social media and what we know about cutting edge technology. He wants to stretch and learn and be able to utilize new tools effectively into his late nineties. He is my new role model. I want to have adventures, do magic, write, learn and evolve until I am in my late 90’s and beyond.


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Michael Peter Langevin is the Co-Publisher/ Co-Editor with his wonderful wife Sofia Karin Axelsson, of The Echo World print Magazine of Virginia. TheEchoWorld.com They also co-operate LangevinAxesson Marketing a Social Media promotions and public Relations company. Their logo is "Let us help the world know you better." Michael was the publisher/ editor for twenty-seven years of Magical Blend Magazine. He has authored three books: Secrets of the Ancient Incas, and Secrets of the Amazon Shamans (Career Press) Spiritual Business, (Hampton Roads). He has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America. He has danced and studied with Shamans in the Andean Mountains and the Amazon Jungle. He leads workshops in reclaiming Rituals and Ceremonies to enhance your life. Michael Peter has a BA in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Family Therapy. He is presently working on his fourth book tentatively titled Magic, Insanity and Lust.

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  1. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

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