Poem of Dreams

I had a dream. I heard an androgynous voice. It said, “Begin to listen. You will be given thirty-six lines, two and two, to be coupled into an eighteen stanza poem. The lines will come from conversations and from silence, they will come from books and from nature, they will be whispered to you and some will be screamed. Some will be clear, others you must stretch for. When you have all thirty-six lines you will know. Then arrange them as your intuition tells you to. You will know. They might seem silly, even slightly incomprehensible, but this is important. Listen, write them down, arrange them and share the final poem.”

I haven’t written poetry for years. But I followed the message I am given. This morning I finished the poem.


Poem of Dreams

“Might I remind you?” he said, eating his vodka-soaked nostrums
“Life is like a campfire, always burn everything you can in a safe distance”

Leaves fall because of the season, everything has seasons
Know, see, and trust the seasons

Be loving, blissful, sensual and fulfilled
Love like nothing else matters

Love eternally, take care of yourself
Lose yourself into love

Beauty doesn’t sink or fade
Beauty flows and is eternal

The candle flickers, as do all life, as do all love
Burn, burn bright, hot and eternally

The bird songs can be invisible
The bird songs can hold secrets and exquisite poetry

To paint is to manifest inner colors
Music is often within music

Weeds are healthy herbs
Ugly is not only acceptable, it is desirable

Money does not exist
Money is only how we view it

Rocks are solid and withstand time
Sell expensive rocks

Leaves are brown and green, lives are only life
Leaves falling from trees to decay, and on their way they the dance gloriously

The shadows of leaves can be anything
Listen with the right ear. See with imagination and wonder

He played until he was bloody
Forgive yourself and the entire world

Red disappointment, blue feelings
Fear is transforming into beauty

We form things out of our imaginations, we create everything out of nothing
Without forming and creating, the real world has no meaning

We can feel presences, where there should be none
You bring back the old gods – thank you

Old gods, or new children
Creation, imagination, love …

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Michael Peter Langevin is the Co-Publisher/ Co-Editor with his wonderful wife Sofia Karin Axelsson, of The Echo World print Magazine of Virginia. TheEchoWorld.com They also co-operate LangevinAxesson Marketing a Social Media promotions and public Relations company. Their logo is "Let us help the world know you better." Michael was the publisher/ editor for twenty-seven years of Magical Blend Magazine. He has authored three books: Secrets of the Ancient Incas, and Secrets of the Amazon Shamans (Career Press) Spiritual Business, (Hampton Roads). He has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America. He has danced and studied with Shamans in the Andean Mountains and the Amazon Jungle. He leads workshops in reclaiming Rituals and Ceremonies to enhance your life. Michael Peter has a BA in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Family Therapy. He is presently working on his fourth book tentatively titled Magic, Insanity and Lust.

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