Ayahushca Shaman

Ayahushca Shaman
I was not long ago in Latin America for six months. I usually am Leary of Shamans in tourist areas especially a place a popular as Cusco, Peru. In Cusco, however I became friends with Roberto. He is a native Quechuan who grew up in a village high in the Andes Mountains. I had done Ayahuasca and San Pedro along my journeys through South America with a wide range of results. Roberto was so enlightened and I felt that he would lead me places and depths I had yet not unveiled.
I met up with Roberto, and two other people who where to participate in our ceremony, Lauria and Hadasa .  Together we drove up past Sacsayhuaman and a ways further into the mountains. Then we stopped in the middle of nowhere. Roberto led us on a hike on a trail to a clearing. There he spread his shaman’s blanket and donned his shaman’s hat, and took out amulets and ceremonial tools. We were all given three coca leaves and he lead us in asking permission, blessings, and giving gratitude for the day we were about to share. The sky was threatening and rain had been predicted. Roberto called in Father Sun to aid our experience. He then explained the medicine, a Ayahuasca and San Pedro cactus mix that was prepared ritualistically yesterday with the four of us in mind. He stated that it should supply just what we needed for the next step of our emotional and spiritual evolution. He said he was not one for limits or rules, however, to make the ceremony worthwhile we must all drink a minimum of three glasses of the medicine.
After that it was up to each of us how much more we wanted, but no more than seven glasses. As he assisted, each of us drank the first glass. When we did this the clouds vanished and the sun came out bright. After drinking the medicine, we sat in a circle and he gently guided us through what the results of the first glass usually were., which was a wide range of possibilities.  Then he apologized, and said he did not sing or play instruments very well, so he had recordings of his two masters singing traditional Ayahuasca and San Pedro ritual songs, on his cell phone. He turned on the music and told each of us to walk and find a separate spot not far of and just meditate on our days purpose. We sat for about half an hour. He checked in with each of us twice in that time, so sweetly and caringly. Then he brought us together to share purposes and focus in ceremony. Then we hiked more.
We came to the first ruins. They were still fairly intact ruins and no one was there at that time. We stopped and Roberto lead another in depth ritual and poured us each another glass. Then he told us of different Inca wisdoms.  After this he sent us each off.  This time to revisit our lives and forgive and give gratitude to ourselves and everyone we felt we had wronged or who had wronged us. He left us with this for a bit over half an hour. We regathered and shared our personal experiences and insights. Roberto spoke of each of us doing spiritual work and healing for millions of others; that the ripples we sent out would help transform and heal the world.
We then entered a tunnel in the side of the mountain. And climbed down for what seemed like forever. We eventually came to a large open space and Roberto said this was our destination. He lit candles and we all drank our fourth glass. Roberto did a long ritual which was sprinkled with teaching us Inca wisdom and telling us stories of the Inca pasts. Then we drank our fifth glass. We each took a candle to a different part of the room to meditate on the secrets of the Inca hidden wisdom and the underground tunnels.
I sat as near as I could to where the tunnel progressed lower. Roberto apologized but said that we all would need much more training and practice and preparation to be able to descend deeper into the tunnels and emerge again. If we progressed lower than we were, we would not be able to remember or explain what we saw. He said that odds were it would make us insane.
I meditated and immediately flew to other dimensions. It was a kaleidoscope ride through lives that I might have lived if I had made different choices in my life. These were lives I might have had, maybe even lived in other realities.
Finally we climbed up and out of the hidden cave. When we emerged he made us climb out backwards, almost having to do somersaults. This was to make our rebirths symbolic and real! I did feel born again. I felt  renewed, my heartfelt bigger than my chest and my aura felt a mile wide.
After what seemed like a days’ hiking we arrived at a Waqa or Huaca. This is a sacred large rock that has been carved and shaped into sacred forms. It was almost overgrown but had paths and shelves and carvings all over. There were now beautiful clouds in the sky and hawks flew overhead and it seemed there were butterflies and humming birds everywhere.  Roberto said we had to celebrate and move to the next level our rebirths. We all lay in a circle and he had us repeat Quechuan magical terms. As he told us that we had to feel both the burning hot of the sun and the ice cold of  the snow, it began to gently hail with the sun out and rainbows became visible. He had us stand on a sacred spot and explode into the Universe. When I exploded, I felt as if my heart expanded miles wide and my spirits traveled for light years.
Eventually Roberto called us together for the closing ceremony on the mountain. As he did wild horses came running by us. Roberto explained that over the years many horses that were used to sell rides to the tourist had escaped and lived here in the wild. The ceremony was strong and powerful. Then we each returned to our lives reborn.
The contact email for Roberto and a great tour guide is Laura Ines Huaman lalyhuva@hotmail.com or lalyhuva1@gmail.com

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  1. Necesito contarte cual es la punta de diamante de la tradicion andina, y como se esta mezclando erroneamente la tradicion inca con las plantas de selva (ayahuasca san pedro) que igual resultado encuentras con los despachos y la misha que nada tienen que ver o mezclarse con esta practica.
    Ehh mi correo es lalyhuva1@gmail.com
    Big hug laura

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