Rock Lip – An Other Dimensional New Friend


It was a typical night on the porch, at that point in our lives, for Sofia and I. We had been married in Virginia for almost two years. We had operated our Social Media and Public Relations company – LangevinAxelsson Marketing – for a bit over two years. We had owned and published The Echo World for six months. We owned no TV and seldom watched movies. We would often turn off our phones and computers between six and nine at night. Then we would sit on our porch overlooking our garden and field, among our many, many coleus plants near our altar. We would sip cheap Pinot Grigio wine or Rum tea, depending on our mood and events. We would discuss the day, our social media clients, The Echo World and our progress with everything. We would usually follow these conversations by doing some form of ceremony or magic.

However, this night was odder then many – and we have had many odd evenings. When we switched to magic this night, I quickly began feeling differently possessed. I told Sofia, “I feel like a small, intelligent mountain.” She asked me if my front lip felt big and as if it was made of rock. Yes, it did feel that way to me. I also felt as if I moved very slowly and communicated very differently than usual. This being took my consciousness over in slow layers. I told Sofia, “Now, I look like a large rock Armadillo.”

“To communicate with Michael,” I/it began to speak, “I must access the place in his brain where he forms words and use this differently. I live in a dimension so unlike Earth, that you two cannot conceive of it fully. To describe it best I can, it is a foggy place with countless islands floating in air they are connected by ribbons of matter. I travel, these ribbons, from one island to another doing good, teaching and helping other beings in need. You might call what I do shamanism, witchcraft or magic. Not because I am noble, but because the beings I help, appreciate and admire me, and their lives are usually better because I help. That makes me feel good. I believe that I am enhancing my dimension one island at a time for fun and to keep me pleasantly entertained.

You two came to my attention because you are radiating a certain, special form of spiritual light. I have never experienced this from alien beings before. It is somewhat similar to what I radiate. You are having fun with your social media, public relations, writing and your magazine. You are helping, teaching and inspiring others. You are magical rebels, and you send out wide strong vibrations.  I thought, I never have been to any planet before and this being seems easy to occupy, so I will have a little adventure. Your Earth, is extremely weird to me. In my dimension, we do not speak, or write words, or use langue. We do not use telepathy either. When I wish to communicate, I grow a new and different appendage and use it to paint a picture in the air to communicate what I wish others to know. When I am done my appendage melts away. The picture endures as long as it serves a purpose. Then it dissolves. I am painting these pictures in Michael’s speech center and he is speaking words that come closest to explaining what I paint.

I offer a gift for you two. I have my home one of the floating island. I live on it alone. I return to it to rest, recharge, relax, and regain perspective. However usually when I get back to it after my journeys it has been taken over by what you would describe as not-to-smart irritating, flying, green insect/bat beings. I have to scare them off and clean up their poop and other messes off my island. Only then can I comfortable relax and recharge there again. This situation is similar your personal worries and insecurities. You must make time to recharge and relax enjoy and laugh. You cannot let your green insect’s /bat’s thoughts stop you. I have to go now; I can return maybe, if you call me again. You may call me Rock Lip, it is not my real name, but I may respond to your call. Remember the work we do is important. You together are sending out big, positive, magical energy waves. Don’t ever doubt that. Always have fun and laugh first, that makes the work good.”

Then, I, Michael, was me again. Sofia and I sipped some more wine and tried to understand and digest for a long time what that all meant. I am not sure we have figured it out yet, but it was fun to experience and write about.

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Michael Peter Langevin is the Co-Publisher/ Co-Editor with his wonderful wife Sofia Karin Axelsson, of The Echo World print Magazine of Virginia. They also co-operate LangevinAxesson Marketing a Social Media promotions and public Relations company. Their logo is "Let us help the world know you better." Michael was the publisher/ editor for twenty-seven years of Magical Blend Magazine. He has authored three books: Secrets of the Ancient Incas, and Secrets of the Amazon Shamans (Career Press) Spiritual Business, (Hampton Roads). He has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America. He has danced and studied with Shamans in the Andean Mountains and the Amazon Jungle. He leads workshops in reclaiming Rituals and Ceremonies to enhance your life. Michael Peter has a BA in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Family Therapy. He is presently working on his fourth book tentatively titled Magic, Insanity and Lust.

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