Bringing Through Ancient Wisdom


Deriving wisdom from expanded non-material realities, continues from the Oracles of Delphi, to Hildegard of Bingen, to Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and the Seth-material, to Frank DeMarco and his conversations with Rita.

According to Jane Roberts, Seth described himself as an “energy personality essence no longer focused in physical matter,” and said that he was independent from Roberts’ subconscious. Channeling Seth, Roberts at times appeared stern, jovial or professorial. “His” voice was deeper and more masculine sounding than Roberts’ and had a distinct, although not identifiable, accent. Unlike the psychic Edgar Cayce, whose syntax when speaking in trance was antiquated and convoluted, Roberts’ syntax and sentence structures were modern and clear when speaking as Seth. The Seth Material was transcribed into books that continued to develop over time, but later texts never contradicted the material introduced in earlier works. Some “practice elements” were even given, so that the readers could see how some of the concepts could be practically experienced.

A painting of Seth and Jane Roberts

Seth’s effect upon New Age thinkers has been profound. The title jacket of The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book, published in -74, and re-published in -94, contains testimonials from some of the most notable thinkers and writers within the movement. Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Dan Millman, Louise Hay, Richard Bach, and others express the effect the Seth Material had upon their own awakening. In words similar to Williamson’s they state: “Seth was one of my first metaphysical teachers. He remains a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life.” Catherine L. Albanese, professor of religious history at the University of Chicago, stated that in the 1970s the Seth Material “launched an era of nationwide awareness” of the channeling trend. She believes it contributed to the “self-identity of an emergent New Age movement.”

The late amateur physicist Michael Talbot wrote, “To my great surprise—and slight annoyance—I found that Seth eloquently and lucidly articulated a view of reality that I had arrived at only after great effort and an extensive study of both paranormal phenomena and quantum physics.”

Seth’s wisdom channeled through Jan Robert’s was some of the most life enhancing perspective broadening information in the 20th century and the strength of the shared wisdom of expanded reality is still valid today.

Edgar Cayce (1877 –1945), “The Sleeping Prophet” gave what he called readings for decades while in a trance state. His sessions were transcribed and remain on file at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, a nonprofit organization he founded to preserve the material he brought forth. It was an amazing wealth of information, on many different subjects: healing, reincarnation, astrology, past and future events, particularly including Atlantis.

Cayce was the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Cayce’s psychic abilities began to appear early in his childhood. As an adult, Cayce would put himself into a state of meditation, connecting with the universal consciousness and from this state, came his “readings”. From holistic health and the treatment of illness to dream interpretation and reincarnation, Cayce’s readings and insights offer practical help and advice to individuals from all walks of life, even today.

The Cayce readings and books were unique in their time. His information healed many clients and his insights into past and future events expanded many people’s views of history and what’s yet to come. Perhaps most important of Cayce’s wisdom is that it gave people proof, insights and expanded awareness of themselves and reality. Cayce only really became world renown when the book The Sleeping Prophet was published by Jessie Stern in 1989. Before that Cayce was only known to a small group of people.

And now the tradition of bringing through nearly unknown and unknowable wisdom from the other side continues with:

Frank DeMarco and The Rita Books

Frank DeMarco is the author of eleven books rooted in 25 years of psychic exploration, including The Cosmic Internet, Imagine Yourself Well, and The Sphere and the Hologram. Since 2005, he has been actively engaged in an on-going series of conversations with various non-physical beings, including historical individuals and “past lives” incarnations. All these books center on the fact that large portions of ourselves exist in the non-physical and interact continuously with our physical life. This explains many strange things about our lives, and makes many things possible.

Frank’s most recent book: Awakening from the 3D World: How We Enter the Next Life, is centered on what it feels like from the other side, from the non-3D (three-dimensional) side, when you die. This is different from near-death experiences. Rita is dead. She is describing what happened and is happening to her, and to other people in general, as we die. It has elements of The Tibetan and The Egyptian Books of the Dead.

Rita was a scientist. She used both her left and right hemispheres of her brain equally. It has been written by many spiritual writers that it is important to learn to use our left hemisphere in this life for a better afterlife. Can knowledge of finances, mathematics, spreadsheets and the like help a soul function on the other side?  It is important that people develop both sides together, as Rita did. This is another way your self-development coalesces. Your left brain is primarily concerned with interacting with the material world, the ever-moving present moment, the separation of space and time, and the delayed consequences. It helps us live in material world conditions. When you go over to the other side, most beings who come there from here are viewed as entities who had experiences which transformed them. The soul is inserted into a given time and place and has these refining experiences.


Rita was very much the teacher in 3D life and she is still the teacher in non-3D life. This most recent book is centered around what happens when you die and become aware on the other side. This book deals in-depth with what happens when you die, as well as why it happens, and what the next world is like.

Awakening from the 3D World: How We Enter the Next Life, is Frank’s third book in which the now deceased Rita Warren dictates broader perspectives to Frank from the other side. It gives amazing advice on how to live meaningful fulfilling lives, which better prepare us to have the best possible existence after death. As an example, I always wondered – is the world busy being born or busy dying. Then I read these two paragraphs in, Awakening from the 3D world, where Rita states:

“A little thought will show you that any system that acquires additional layers of complication will change its nature. Coming to a greater understanding of a system changes it. Let me repeat that. Coming to a greater understanding of a given system in itself changes that system. How can it not? Increased self-consciousness changes the character of the pieces on the board, so to speak. A game in which the pieces have more self-awareness and more awareness of the system as a system, changes nature accordingly… Now apply it in the new context of the evolution of the—universe, world, reality, whatever word you choose to use to represent totality. Not only 3D but All-D. The destruction and re-creation of totality as described in Eastern scripture and dogma must be repetitious and even futile (or at least must count as “art for art’s sake”) if nothing really changes, if reality remains what it always was. But if the 3D world—to keep the argument simple for the moment—was created, did it not necessarily start out simpler than it became with the cumulative addition of so many previously non-existing compound beings, interacting and interacting and serving as the building blocks of yet more complex compound beings?”

Now I know our world is not only being born but the whole universe is evolving and becoming more self-aware and I have rededicated myself to my personal evolution.

Then in the same book there is this wonderful piece, where Rita continues to explain the nature of expanded reality. I found these thoughts, like so many, empowering me and allowing me to expand my very being.

“The landing I want to look at now is the one that follows relinquishment of the idea that we are primarily the “I” that we knew in 3D. We have already expanded that definition considerably, but now we abandon it (in effect) by allowing our viewpoint to shift from the 3D-consciousness to the larger consciousness that created and maintained it. The process of moving from 3D-oriented consciousness to a consciousness not rooted in 3D involves a change in perspective that you in 3D find hard to really envision.

It’s like the Irishman in Abraham Lincoln’s story who told the bartender he had promised his wife that he would stop drinking, and he intended to keep that promise, but he would be glad if the bartender would put a little whiskey in with his drink “unbeknown to myself.”

Well, that’s the problem, in a way, yes. But you have the advantage of also being the bartender…(It is about being both. The next step is to learn.) express your intent to let go of the self-definition that says “I am me,” and allow yourself, or even request, to experience the sense in which it would be better expressed, “I am not me.” In other words, you want to experience the part of yourself that has been excluded from your self-definition, the part that was not born into one time and place, that perhaps was never born at all. Only realize, “you want to experience” still leaves 3D-you as the focus. It’s a tricky redefinition, but you want to experience you not experiencing.”   So now what I do when challenged by life especially is stop being me and image what I am in my none 3D expanded self. Then I attempt to let more of that self, guide me and make decisions in my life. It sure seems to have worked great so far.”

All the Rita material is overflowing with such pearls of wisdom. Which place them clearly in the legacy of Seth and Edgar Cayce. I predict these books will be discovered and become world renown. Frank DeMarco’s authorship is familiar and comfortable. Frank and Rita were good friends and co-authored a great book, The Sphere and the Hologram before she died. Now Rita wakes Frank up and attempts to assist him in accurately writing down her unique view of expanded reality from her perspective being a deceased human. When I read these books, I feel I better understand many confusing points about reality and find ways I can make my life more on every level. I also feel like I’m sharing coffee with friends while doing spiritual exploration with Frank and Rita.

I feel that the Rita books are very important. I feel it follows in the tradition of the Oracles of Delphi, to Hildegard of Bingen, to Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts and Seth. This is especially true for the Seth Material. I loved and got so much out of the Seth books, and I believe that the Rita books are in many ways a continuation of almost unobtainable knowledge from the other side of expanded reality.

Howling Dogs



My wife and I live at the end of a dirt road in a small valley deep in the forest, with a big garden outside, just near to a creek. Besides some distant neighbors, and the mail lady, we seldom have cars come down our road. Most of the year we go to bed to the sounds of the crickets, peeper frogs and katydids. We awake to birds singing. We think of it as idyllic. We have lived here for three years. About six months ago some people moved into a house on the crest of one of the valley ridges. Just close enough to hear their dogs howling fiercely. We at first found that a bothersome addition to our paradise, but no more than a small irritation.

Then it got worsts.  The owners of the dogs began letting the them roam late afternoons and evenings. We began being awakened by their barking and howling, as they roved our forest hunting our beloved deer, foxes, skunks, possums, raccoons and their kin.

I took to cursing these dogs terribly. I was very bothered by our loss of solitude and tranquility, but, being a civilized person I drove up to the house a few times, until I was able to catch the couple at home. I went to the door and rang the door-bell. The woman who opened  the door was very stiff,  with a very unfriendly look. I stated my concerns. She did not seem very interested or concerned. Her husband came and stood beside her. He felt somewhat aggressive, a business person who decided that country-side was now his new playing-ground. I tried to explain that hunting was illegal hereabouts, and that their dogs were disruptive to everyone, especially to me. They matter-of-factly stated that they had moved to the country to be able to have dogs. Then they dismissed me and closed the door in my face.

I endured the noises a while more. Then one afternoon, as the sun was setting, I was hiking out in the forest and I spied a mother deer and her young fawn. I sat down and watched as they nibbled leaves. Then, like banshees, the dogs descended on the young fawn and ripped it apart. They did not eat it, instead they race off after the escaping mother. I was shocked, but still decided to follow them, only to eventually see them catch her and kill her. Again, they left the carcass and raced off for more pray. My fears had been confirmed. They were brutal killers who killed just to kill. I went home and told my wife. We were both unnerved. The howling seemed to get worse after that.

About three weeks later I was walking in the forest as the sun was setting, and the dogs came out of nowhere. Going for me. One bit my leg. I kicked it with my other foot and grabbed a large branch and began swinging it wildly. The dogs stood their ground. They saw my leg was bleeding and wanted to finish the kill. I kept swinging the branch, while I awkwardly bent down and managed to clutch a large rock. I aimed, and hit one of the dogs in the nose, splitting it and drawing blood. He stopped growling and whimpered some, but the other dog became more aggressive. It advanced on me. I struck it hard on the nose and my branch broke and it kept coming at me. I tried to hold it off with my broken branch, but tripped as I backed up and fell backwards. My right hand fell on another rock, I picked it up and smashed it into the dogs open mouth. It yelped and ran away with his partner following. I limped home. My wife urged me to call the sheriff. I lodged a detailed complaint and they said they would investigate. Nothing seemed to happen, however. I called twice more with the same response and no results.

A few weeks later I had to be away a week on business. I have left my wife alone. She had always been fine with being alone. But, this time she called me on the sixth night I was away, and she was very shaken. She said that the dogs had come up our stairs and tried to claw their way into the house, howling all the time. She had locked the door and searched for some friendly sort of neighbor’s phone numbers. The neighbor couple had come to the house after a long agonizing time. Together the three of them had eventually chased the dogs away.

When I returned home I was terribly bothered. But, I just couldn’t come up with a plan. The howling seemed to have increased to most hours of the day and even louder in the early dark mornings. We kept pipes by our door and carried them on walks, and even walking to the car. We considered buying guns, but this was so against our principles that we just couldn’t. The idea of shooting and animal was disgraceful.

However, the dogs and their howling took over our lives and permeated everything we did. It seemed like it would never end. I would even jump out of bed from dreams of the dogs in our house, tearing us from limb to limb. I felt I was possessed and going mad.

Then one day the howling and barking just stopped. I felt off balance and confused. I drove by the house of the owners of the dogs, but could not see any sign of the dogs. I took to roving the woods and did not encounter them, or even hear them. They still haunted my dreams, but with time that began to lessen. Then, one day, while hiking far from our house I stumbled upon the decomposing remains of the dogs. I got on my knees and examined them. Something had gnawed on them, but more importantly their skulls seem to be crushed. It seemed that someone else had had enough.

Nearby there were a couple rocks with what must have been the remains of dried blood on them. And, oddly enough, by the rocks was also a handkerchief, looking just like one my wife and I shared. It too had blood on it. I thought this was a strange coincidence. Walking away from the scene I almost stumbled over a lead pipe. I was really confused, but in the end, I decided life is strange. The dogs that had so ruined our quite paradise were finally gone.

Yet still sometimes I awake at night, and think I hear their howling. Then, I find myself wondering if mean dogs have ghosts and if these ghosts are unforgiving?

(This is my attempt at fiction. How did I do?)