This Is a Time of Transition!

This is a magical time for growth and change for both our planet, the entire cosmos and every sentient being in it.

My friend Maureen J. St. Germain, has written what I think is a great book, Waking up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation. It explains the transformation that is happening on Earth and in our lives. We are transitioning from 3D through 4D into 5D. The fifth dimension leaves fear, doubts, anger and insecurities behind and replaces them with knowing, trust, wisdom, and of course, love. The fifth dimension is a state of being where time and space transform.

Maureen and her panel of twenty-two guests are offering a free online summit inspired by her book, the Waking Up in 5D Summit. Learn from cutting edge 5D leaders as they share ideas, tools, broader understanding and how to have a deeper connection to the 5D realm. Two of my favorites are Michael Grosso and Nicki Scully. Any panel that includes these two is sure to be entertaining and inspiriting.

Nicki Scully                                                                       Michael Grosso

Maureen J. St. Germain

But why am I so excited about people reading this book and taking part in this summit? Mainly because being taught the key points of the transition will make your lives so much better. You will learn so much and you can get lots of free gifts as well.
• You’ll learn about Avatars, Angels and Ascended Masters.
• You’ll learn that being 5D is a process – not permanent all at once.
• You’ll learn what being 5th dimensional is all about.

• You’ll learn how to discover how to apply the 5D understanding, shorten the learning curve and help assist everyone throughout the cosmos to consciously choose 5D – where love is the governing rule.

• It will answer how to connect with your Divine guidance.
• It will explain how you will know what is 5D and what is 3D.
• It will give you ideas on how to be proactively 5D.

• Every author has contributed a free gift.
• Maureen has multiple gifts and bonuses for the book.
• You will get the chance to learn how to “Wake up in 5D!

Ok I read this book twice. I got tons out of it. I will be attending the summit and am excited about it. If it speaks to you go to Maureen’s sign up page.

Waking Up in 5D Telesummit