Spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains
It is March and almost spring in Central Virginia! The Blue Ridge Mountains will soon erupt into green buds, followed by an explosion of greenery and flowers. Honestly, before I moved to Central Virginia, I never knew anything about the Blue Ridge Mountains. However, since I have moved here, not a day goes by without me admiring and appreciating them more and more. I did not know that the Blue Ridge Mountains simply got their name from the bluish color they have when seen from a distance; and that it is trees that put the “blue” in Blue Ridge – the hue comes from the isoprene, a common organic compound given off by many plants. The trees of these mountains release this compound into the atmosphere,thereby contributing to the characteristic haze on the mountains and their distinctive color. Neither did I know that these are some of the oldest mountains in the world. I have also been told that under portions of the mountains – granite rock laced with quartz crystals goes down one hundred miles deep.
In the Andes Mountains in South America, the descendants of the Inca believe that each mountain peak is an individual god. They call them Apus. They communicate with them in prayer, dreams, rituals and ceremonies. The Apu mountain spirits also serve as protectors, watching over their surrounding territories and protecting nearby Quichuan inhabitants as well as their livestock and crops. In times of trouble, the Apus are appeased, or called upon, through offerings. Small offerings such as chicha (corn beer) and coca leaves are common.
I have come to think of the Blue Ridge Mountains the same way – as living entities. I have had dreams where the mountains spoke to me. They talked of the long mosaic of human history they have witnessed. They spoke of how much they enjoy their own and human’s existence. Most importantly, they talked of how they become more when people give them attention. They spoke of how they love people to hike in them, or sit by their watery places: ponds, rivers, streams and creeks. How they love the sound of people’s laughter, especially children at play or people on picnics.
I awoke from these dreams wondering if they could all be real. Could mountain ranges think, feel, and love? If they could, would they care about human attentions and emotions? I am not sure what conclusions I have come to with those questions. But I do know that when hiking on the Appalachian Trail I feel alive in a very special way, as if I’m connected to something indefinably bigger. I know that whenever I take out-of-town visitors to see Crab Tree Falls they have a great time, and are very impressed and uplifted. And I know that even looking at the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains from afar inspires a sense of wonder. How small we humans are compared to these mighty beings.
It is March and it is soon spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Doesn’t it make sense for each of us to find or make time in our lives to appreciate the unique beauty and wonders of these mountains we live near and in? I plan to hike, to swim in the lakes sheltered by them, and appreciate them more this spring.  I give thanks for their very existence. I urge all our readers to do something similar. Make the magic of the Blue Ridge Mountains or any place in nature your own.

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Idun Says – It’s Spring

Reprinted from http://sofiakarinaxelsson.blogspot.com/

Idun Says – It’s Spring

Idun says – It’s Spring, time for rejuvenation.
Time for art – wild and bold.
Time for stories – yet untold.
Sap is rising.
Inspiration just started flying.
Seeds rest on the altar still.
Idun knows the secret of life: be young, be young, be young,
(It’s all in your mind.)
and you’re treasure chest will fill ..
Always open, always new.
When fancy strikes you.
Take a practical view.
Be clear.
No need to hesitated with nothing to loose.
Whatever happens – all you can be is you.

You are the miracle.
Ask Idun to hold your hand.
Don’t fear, don’t fear,
nothing can go wrong.
When you give  voice to the most precious of gifts.
Your very own song.
Photographs: “Every Goddess in every woman – Sofia Karin Axelsson as Idun.”

Reprinted from – http://sofiakarinaxelsson.blogspot.com/

Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Fractals and Chaos Theory

Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Fractals and Chaos Theory

I just realized I had not mentioned my friend Maureen St. Germain on my blog. Maureen is presently in China teaching. She is a great teacher. She is also a wonderful author. She considers herself, however, more of a facilitator than a teacher. She feels that what she does is to help people to remember what they already know.

Maureen writes about, and teaches, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, explaining how all possibilities exist and how intention is an essential element in producing outcome. She explores questions such as: if subatomic particles are predictable in their behavior, then how do we evolve this to apply quantum physics principles to our day-to-day material world.

Maureen also teaches sacred geometry. This is the study of divine shapes and their relationships in both organic and inorganic forms. In addition, sacred geometry is the study of, and understanding of, numbers and their relationships and their expression, and how the understanding of these things can enhance our efficiency of functioning in the world.

Other areas of Maureen’s explorations are fractals and chaos theory. A fractal is a mathematical representation of chaos. Chaos theory is used to predict weather, which is definitely a chaos system. Chaos theory teaches that everything is connected. Most of us have heard that the flapping of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can lead to a tsunami in Bangladesh. Maureen makes a wonderful connection between chaos theory and our day-to-day lives: if minor occurrences in the natural world can have major effects, then when we make minor changes in our lives these can result in major improvements.

Maureen knows that science is moving towards explaining spiritual truths. She uses this knowledge to explain how what we think, say and do, ultimately creates our lives.

Maureen’s own life is a perfect example. She had a good job and thought she shared a wonderful marriage. Then one day her husband announced he wanted a divorce, and that he was leaving her alone with their children. Maureen was not making enough to support herself and the children alone. She began reinventing herself and expanding how she worked and what she did. She started teaching nights and weekends. She researched and studied to better understand how the world works, how to make it work better for herself and her sons, and how to manifest the life she wanted. Today Maureen’s sons are all college educated and she has a new wonderful, loving husband. She travels the world teaching many things, most importantly perhaps, how to manifest the lives we dream of for ourselves.

My favorite simple technique she teaches is movies-of-the-mind. She teaches how we can create imaginative detailed movies-in- our-mind about how we want our lives to unfold. Then by repeatedly playing these mind movies for ourselves we are using the principles of quantum physics, sacred geometry and chaos theory to bring about the future we desire.

Maureen also has a lovely, soothing, almost hypnotic voice, which she has used to record over fourteen meditation CD’s and downloads. These cover a wide range of subjects. Maureen has no problem exploring the outer edge of possibilities in these recording. She speaks of the Flower of Life and the power it offers us, about archangels and how to work with them. She speaks of the Akashic record, where everything that has occurred and all knowledge in the Universe is recorded, and that is accessible to those who learn how. One of the things I love most about Maureen St. Germain is that she is humble and approachable. She may be amazingly wise and knowledgeable, but she is not arrogant or condescending. Rather, she feels her mission is to help people to remember their own knowledge and truths, and is honored to help them do so when and however she can.

This blog post only begins to scratch the surface of what Maureen offers. Check out her website at www.Maureenstgermain.com

Magical Blend Magazine

Magical Blend Magazine

Cover Design by Mathew Courtway

I was one of the founders, and for twenty-seven years, the publisher/managing Editor of Magical Blend. This magazine began in 1979 and ceased publication after one hundred issues in 2006. Time Magazine called it, “all the fringe you could fit between two covers every month.”

The story of Magical Blend began in my living room in San Francisco. I had just moved there on Halloween of 1978. My first year I met many amazing and unique spiritual teachers, students, writers, poets, visionary artists, and comic book artists. Many of them had submitted their teachings, writings or art to main stream media, and gotten nothing but rejections because their material was so unorthodox and original. A group of us came together and agreed to launch a magazine of our own, which would be different than anything being printed at that time. We figured that we could feature our own creative works along with the work of more famous people. This was before affordable desktop computers and printers, neither did we have access to faxes or internet (this may seem very alien to many of my readers, but I swear those days have existed in my lifetime). All of us volunteering with the magazine also worked day jobs. We pooled the money we could spare to pay for the printing cost and other expenses for the first eleven issues.

When the first issues came out many people told us, in no uncertain terms, that the occult and magical information we were printing, was either evil or not meant to be made available to the general public. At that time the New Age trends had not yet begun, and much of what we were printing was very unusual and unknown in the main stream media. Many people told us that they could not even understand what it was about or why it should exist. Today most of the material we printed has become mainstream. But at that point in time the occult, magic, witchcraft, shamanism, ancient mysteries, UFO’s, spiritual sexuality, astral traveling, exploring other dimensions, creative visualization, affirmations, and even alternative health were thought to be odd, weird, or even evil.

We printed 2,000 copies of the second issue and slowly built interest and distribution. From here on, 1,000 additional copies an issue were printed.

With the eleventh issue – this was in 1984 – the magazine caught fire. We had refined our presentation, the word had gotten out to the underground and alternative people, and the eleventh issue sold out of eleven thousand copies in three weeks. Subscriptions and requests to purchase advertising poured in. My then co-publisher Jerry Snider and I, resigned our jobs and began working full time on Magical Blend. Over the next year, we could hire many of the people who had volunteered for years.

Cover Design by Mathew Courtway

From the very first issue we had an interest and willingness of big name authors, musicians, actors, artists and a wide array of authorities in different fields, to participate in the magazine. We had astrologer Dane Rudhyar, science fiction writer Michael Morcock, underground artist Justin Green, the new age authors such as Shakti Gawain and Mark Allen. We had author and witch Starhawk, dolphin communicator Jon Lilly, LSD guru Timothy Leary, and mythologist Joseph Campbell. I take a special pride in the fact that we had difficult near-impossible-to-get-interviews-with lead singer of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia. And of course we had the western shaman magic writer of the time, Carlos Castaneda.

Long before Magical Blend I had developed a deep awe and addiction to Latin America and Latin American shamanism. I saved up money and visited, explored, studied and lived in Latin America, as long as, I could afford to (something I continued to do all my life). This turned out to greatly enrich how Magical Blend came about and developed. I adopted my two children, during the civil war in Peru, in the year 2000 (I wrote about this and much more in my two books: Secrets of the Ancient Incas, and The Secrets of the Amazon Shamans.) This certainly deepened certain areas of Magical Blend and made me more aware of areas such as the challenges of being a magic worker and a parent.

Magical Blend sales were helped by odd – you could even say – magical experiences. The very famous Oral Roberts held up copies of Magical Blend on his national TV show The Breakfast Club, and said we were the devils tool and urged his audience not to allow anyone they care about to read our magazine. Circulation skyrocketed in the Southern states. Then Woody Allen began his book, Mere Anarchy, by dedicating his entire first chapter to joking about and making fun of Magical Blend.

Also adding to circulation growth were facts such as that we had a Magical Blend TV show for two years which I hosted in San Francisco; that Swan Raven published an anthology, named A Magical Universe, of the best articles of our first fifty issue, featuring Robin Williams, John Cleaves, Joan Baez, Terrance McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson and many more; that Hampton Roads Publishing published Solstice Shift: Magical Blend’s Guide to the Coming Age with articles by twenty of our favorite writers. Hampton Roads followed that with my book, Spiritual Business:The Amazing True Story of Magical Blend Magazine. All these things and more kept circulation growing. Because we were ahead of the New Age interest wave and the witchcraft interest wave and the health food wave and many others as well, sales just kept growing. At its peak in the year 2000 Magical Blend was selling 130,000 copies monthly. It was sold in every state in the USA, in every province in Canada, as well as thirty other counties. We had an annual budget of over one million dollars. We had spun off two separate magazines, Natural Beauty and Health and Transitions. We had an in- office staff of twenty-five employees.

Cover Design by Rene Schmidt

Then in 2006 the shock waves of the coming economic downturn began hitting our small and edgy advertisers. They began pulling their ads and we were having impossible times finding new ones to replace them. After twenty-seven years of running a business, I saw the writing on the wall. I chose, after 100 issues of Magical Blend, to pull the plug and close down the operation.

I totally changed my career. I signed up with a California state program. If I promised to work three years for good pay for the State, they would pay me and my costs to earn my master’s degree in social work and therapy. What a great change of pace. I saved my money and when my children graduated college I lived in South America for six months. Then I worked with three Southern California New Age magazines for six months. In these turbulent times I also traveled and worked in Mexico for a year. Then I took a position as a freelance public relations manager for The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia for a year. At the end of that with my multi-talented new wife Sofia and I launched LangevinAxelssson Marketing: a social media and public relations company.

A year ago we took over the magazine The Echo World. It had been the alternative voice for Central Virginia for twenty-years. Next month, we will have published twelve great issues, featuring people like Shakti Gawain, Mark Allen, Lynn Andrews, Michael Haener, Michael Grosso, Frank DeMarco, Maureen St. Germain, Whitley Strieber, Alberto Villoldo and many others. I feel like I have been blessed to be able to help get so much great information out to the world in my life. It has all proved to me time and again that Magic is real and works!