The Tree-House Interview

The Tree-House Interview. We are trying out our new camera. We are very serious about this interview (as you might notice) on the porch, in the house we call the tree-house. Please make extra note of the akward pauses and not so professional camera-sweepings. But we’re learning. And we’re having fun with it.



We Can Overcome the Challenges of the Holidays, and Laugh and Love Especially enjoy!

The holidays! We have to handle the challenges of short days, of having relatives and friends either in our faces, or being unavailable. We may feel the pressure of fixing presents, fancy meals, and end up exhausted. For some people, however, it’s a time of the year when loneliness creeps in. You name it. This is a time when unrealistic expectations, and disappointments are far more likely to show their ugly faces than the rest of the year. We also have to deal with memories of lost ones, and the holidays we have shared with them.

How we think has a great deal to do with how we relate to each other. What if  you took this opportunity to begin playing a game in your mind? We can all take control of our thinking. This is an easy way to start – every time you have doubts, fears, insecurities, or any kind of negative thoughts, make yourself think two positive thoughts to counter the negative ones. Uncle Elmer always complains at the big meal. OK, but he also tells funny jokes and makes everyone else appreciate the meal. This is a simple, but effective way to change how you feel about yourself and others in the moment.

I just read Maureen St. Germain’s book, Be a Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness. Was it earth shattering to me? – no. Was it life altering? – maybe a little. But still, this book came to me at just the right time, and reminded me of things I already know but sometimes forget. And it does so in a very inspiring and well written way. The first half is made up of Maureen’s unique way of explaining many tools to enhance the mind and spirit, such as creative visualization, affirmations, the power of believing, and a sort of functionable “fake it until you make it,” that really works. The second half of the book is about quantum physics, sacred geometry, and chaos theory and their role in how we can craft our lives moment to moment.

Are you are dreading the holidays, the Christmas chaos, Hanukah, Quanza, or Winter Solstice, and just feel overwhelmed and depressed by it all? What do you do? You can day dream; while you are driving, or wrapping presents, or whatever time you can find to focus your mind. You can make a picture of what you would most like to have happen in your life. Then you fill the daydream with as much details you can come up with: smells, laughter and tastes. It’s important that you never ask how your daydream will come about. Just promise yourself that you will do whatever you can to make it so. Hold what Maureen calls your movie-of-the-mind firm in your thoughts. Revisit this daydream often. In addition, you can also make a prayer with inspiration from your daydream, or create an personal altar to support your imagination. The most important thing is that you believe it can happen, desire it strongly and expect it fully to come about.

If you are resigned to these holidays being like the ones in the past, disappointments and exhaustion included – they will be. If you are dedicated to making this year’s holidays uniquely wonderful – then that is what you will manifest. Do you dare to play mind games that will bring about your heart’s desires? Use Be a Genie as a guide book to make the holidays into a success, and then to craft and unfold the life you had not dared dream of before. The Universe gives us what we expect. It is time we all started expecting the best lives we dare live. Filled with love, joy and laughter.

Seal Magic

Seal Magic


In 2013, Sofia and I had planned to travel in Mexico. She had flown in from Sweden to San Diego a little early as I had to finishing up some business there.  For a little over a month we shared a house with my amazing son, Henry, and some other intense house mates. It was a good month.

Then Sofia and I moved to the beach in Tijuana. It is called Playas de Tijuana. We rented a very affordable, neat studio apartment near the beach. For six weeks, I had work which I could do half of on the Tijuana beach, and the other half I had to return to San Diego to perform. I had to get up at 3 AM to get across the border to be in time for less than a two-hour, inhuman waiting at the crossing. While I was working Sofia would write, broken up with long walks on the beach. One late afternoon I returned to find Sofia excited. Since moving there we had seen many dolphins playing just out from the beach. But this day, she had watched a big, old seal riding the waves. I got changed and we went out to see the sunset. There sunset was beautiful, there was rainbow and two dolphins leaped out of the water crossing paths in the air. Sofia said: “What the fuck! Is this some kind of a Disney movie? Those things don’t really happen like that?” Then, in the afterglow of the sunset, we saw the seal playing in the waves.

After that we saw it from time to time. It was always the same seal, only one, all alone and playing for hours in the waves. Towards the end of our stay on the Playas, I came home after sunset one night and Sofia was upset. “Michael, our seal died,” she said. “I saw it washed up on shore and when I went close it was clearly dead.” “Oh I am so sorry,” I said. Sofia said, “It was down the beach a little far from where the stores and restaurants are. But I think we need some bones from it to do a seal magic ritual. We have to do it tonight before animals, or people, or the waves take the body away. ”

We began our dark night walk down the Tijuana beach. The Playas is very safe at night – unlike Downtown Tijuana that we always avoided after dark. Families would have fires, sing and laugh on the beach until after midnight in the lights from the ocean side businesses. However, away from the businesses after dark there were drunks, drug addicts, the homeless and in general not so savory or safe characters. I was nervous, but Sofia was driven. Eventually we found the dead seal. We had brought a knife and in the dark we liberated some small bones. We brought them back briskly to our apartment and boiled them in a pot on our hot plate. The smell was terrible. Once the meat scraps and fur were boiled off we dried them.

The next night, we did a simple seal magic ritual. We sent the spirit of this seal, that had brought us so much joy, off into the astral to be free and continue to play. We asked of it and the larger seal energies to bless our fast-approaching journey across Mexico. We asked it to keep us safe, happy and playful.

When we got on a bus, to head towards our further adventures in Mexico the seal bones were with us. We had many great months of adventures traveling and exploring Mexico. Eventually Sofia had to return to Sweden. I had been offered, what at that time seemed like a dream job, in the beach town of Progresso, south in the Yucatan. So, we traveled back to the Tijuana Playas for our last three days together in Mexico, before Sofia had to get on a plane, and I was going to drive back to Progresso in my old truck. Spending those days in Tijuana Playas seemed like a a fitting end to our trip. We walked the beach and reminisced and sayed good bye, not knowing when or even how we would reunite. The third morning as we walked down the beach not far from where we had found the seals corps, an amazing thing happen. A baby seal was playing on the waves. But more than that it came up on the beach waddled towards us, looked right at us and waddled back into the waves. We could not believe it. We knew our seal ceremony had helped our journey to be safe, fun and playful, but this proved to us just how powerful our seal magic ceremony had been.

Are there Really Ghouls? Can They Be communicated with and Even Helped?


What are ghouls?


A ghoul is defined by Wikipedia as a monster or evil spirit. The word first appeared in writing in Arabic mythology. Ghouls are often associated with graveyards and with consuming human flesh. In Arabic mythology ghouls are also described as shape shifting demons that can assume the guise of an animal. They lure unwary people into the wastelands, or abandoned places, to slay and devour them. They are also said to prey on young children, and sickly people. They drink blood, steals coins, make people sick, and make crops fail.

The term was first used in English literature in 1786, in William Beckford’s Orientalist novel Vathek, in which describes the ghūl of Arabic folklore. In modern fiction, the term has often been used for a certain kind of undead monsters. The 2012 movie Ghoul brought them into mass awareness as did the anime 2014 TV series Tokyo Ghoul.

I recently began to wonder about ghouls? I had never given them much thought previously. Magic workers and many others have known of them, but few have written about them, apart from describing them as folklore scary figures, or as simply as evil beings. So, I went into trance and opened up to them. What I was told varied much from the Wikipedia information, I had taken part of and re-quoted above. It made me wonder over the following questions: What if after-death souls have countless choices of how to progress? What if we don’t all go to heaven, or hell, or to the light? What if we are not even supposed to go to heaven, or hell, or to the light? What if ghouls have existed as long as humans have existed? What if people, who are in certain ways ignorant, and filled with hate and self-loathing, are likely to choose to stay around the places of their old lives, and bother and trip up people they hated or feared? What if doing this causes their spirits to shatter and the pieces to become less connected, turning into pieces of ill meaning energy?

Some ghouls I felt want a new chance to be reunited with their whole beings, given a less fear ridden, less hate filled spirit work. They need new missions to work towards being rehabilitated. They need to be realigned so they might go on to have a more positive, evolutionary based existence. I am not dancing with evil or Satan or the Devil here.  I feel we have to totally discard our organized religious brainwashing to be effective magic workers. I feel that there are many badly-spoken-of entities who need our help. We can choose to help them just because they exist and want a better existence. I think this is a spiritual task that I will work with to help these hungry ghosts. Maybe some of you want to meditate on them and see if you would like to help them as well. I now believe strongly, I might say know, that ghouls exist for real.