Death and the Holidays of Winter

My editorial for the December issue of The Echo World. About losing your loved ones in the time of Holidays. And honoring their memories. May their’s and all of our inner lights shine bright!


Death and the Holidays of Winter 
Lenard Cohen just died as I write this. He sang all my life of deep love and feelings. I recently lost my brother Dan, one of my two older brothers. Four years ago, one of my three sisters, Patricia, died at 65. As we bring this issue together my older sister, Nancy has died. She was in hospice for five weeks and it was a difficult death. This is the season of the birth of the new year, and new energies. It is the time when the snow and cold come to much of the norther hemisphere. And still a time to be merry and let old offenses be forgiven.

I am sad as I write this. I have loved and laughed often with those who have passed. Those who knew me and my life’s ins and outs, ups and downs, have left the material world. I have the memories. I visit them on the astral and we talk. But it is not the same as the talking on the phone, texting or emailing, or the same as the possibility ofgetting together again.

The leaves have been falling and we have been lighting fires in our “tree house,” as we call our cabin, to stay warm at night. It feels that many ancestor’s ghosts are lining up to visit us and share the lost wisdom of their lives.

I think back to my childhood, my father was a funeral director, just as my grandfather was a funeral director. My father bought and sold horses and ponies on the side. Each of us six kids had our own horse. On a sunny weekend, we would all ride together in the winters snow.

When my siblings became too overwhelming I would take my pony and my dog and strike out on my own, through the woods and snow. I think of my second-grade teacher, Lottie, who taught me how to talk after an injury to my jaw, and then became a lifelong mentor. When she died I felt the loss was difficult to manage. I think back to my college friend Gene. He had returned from the Vietnam war with bad post-traumatic stress. We would go winter camping together with my great lifelong friend David. I think of how the camping cured Gene. How Gene taught me of Tai Chi, healthy eating and Asian magic. I remember how my phone rang while I was in Puerto Rico even though the cell phone never worked at any other point I was there, and David told me to call Gene because he was in the hospital and dying. Gene and I had a perfect good bye talk. He was dead the next morning.

Then thirteen and twelve years ago respectively my father and my mother died. After each of their deaths, I sat on my couch for a week and drank brandy and cried and spoke to ghosts.

Now they are all gone, as are many other close friends and relatives. Now it is winter in Central Virginia and I am sad. I live with my wonderful wife, Sofia, and we have two fun businesses. The Echo World touches thousands of lives each month. I have an older brother and a younger sister still alive. I have two great, adult children who are doing well on their own. I love them all dearly and they all love me. I have many loyal and special friends scattered all over the globe, and now especially in Virginia. I have so much to celebrate and be thankful for even as the cold winds blow.

I think of winter, about the holidays and of being merry … and I will be. Even now I am, in a melancholy depressed way. But winter is winter. The deer all have darker this year. Will it be a colder, stormier winter than we have had for a while? What matters in our lives? I think it is how much we love and are loved? How much we laugh and have laughed? What we make important. I plan to be get through these sadness and loss. I plan to be better for the enriching heart felt losses, and I urge us all to have the happiest holidays and most love filled winter we can. Let us give thanks – for everything.

Michael Peter Langevin, December issue of The Echo World. page is about online psychologists)


Spraying Chemicals on the Native American Protestors

willie-and-neal-young-at willie-and-standing-rick

Willie Nelson, Neal Young and Willie’s family are protesting with Standing Rock. A North Dakota Sheriff  was quoted as saying: “We can use what ever force is necessary to maintain peace.” It is reported that after midnight chemicals have been spread on the protesters encampments, by un-lit crop dusting planes. I have written to Obama and The Governor of North Dakota we must make our voices heard people rights over corporate profits.

Rock Lip – An Other Dimensional New Friend


It was a typical night on the porch, at that point in our lives, for Sofia and I. We had been married in Virginia for almost two years. We had operated our Social Media and Public Relations company – LangevinAxelsson Marketing – for a bit over two years. We had owned and published The Echo World for six months. We owned no TV and seldom watched movies. We would often turn off our phones and computers between six and nine at night. Then we would sit on our porch overlooking our garden and field, among our many, many coleus plants near our altar. We would sip cheap Pinot Grigio wine or Rum tea, depending on our mood and events. We would discuss the day, our social media clients, The Echo World and our progress with everything. We would usually follow these conversations by doing some form of ceremony or magic.

However, this night was odder then many – and we have had many odd evenings. When we switched to magic this night, I quickly began feeling differently possessed. I told Sofia, “I feel like a small, intelligent mountain.” She asked me if my front lip felt big and as if it was made of rock. Yes, it did feel that way to me. I also felt as if I moved very slowly and communicated very differently than usual. This being took my consciousness over in slow layers. I told Sofia, “Now, I look like a large rock Armadillo.”

“To communicate with Michael,” I/it began to speak, “I must access the place in his brain where he forms words and use this differently. I live in a dimension so unlike Earth, that you two cannot conceive of it fully. To describe it best I can, it is a foggy place with countless islands floating in air they are connected by ribbons of matter. I travel, these ribbons, from one island to another doing good, teaching and helping other beings in need. You might call what I do shamanism, witchcraft or magic. Not because I am noble, but because the beings I help, appreciate and admire me, and their lives are usually better because I help. That makes me feel good. I believe that I am enhancing my dimension one island at a time for fun and to keep me pleasantly entertained.

You two came to my attention because you are radiating a certain, special form of spiritual light. I have never experienced this from alien beings before. It is somewhat similar to what I radiate. You are having fun with your social media, public relations, writing and your magazine. You are helping, teaching and inspiring others. You are magical rebels, and you send out wide strong vibrations.  I thought, I never have been to any planet before and this being seems easy to occupy, so I will have a little adventure. Your Earth, is extremely weird to me. In my dimension, we do not speak, or write words, or use langue. We do not use telepathy either. When I wish to communicate, I grow a new and different appendage and use it to paint a picture in the air to communicate what I wish others to know. When I am done my appendage melts away. The picture endures as long as it serves a purpose. Then it dissolves. I am painting these pictures in Michael’s speech center and he is speaking words that come closest to explaining what I paint.

I offer a gift for you two. I have my home one of the floating island. I live on it alone. I return to it to rest, recharge, relax, and regain perspective. However usually when I get back to it after my journeys it has been taken over by what you would describe as not-to-smart irritating, flying, green insect/bat beings. I have to scare them off and clean up their poop and other messes off my island. Only then can I comfortable relax and recharge there again. This situation is similar your personal worries and insecurities. You must make time to recharge and relax enjoy and laugh. You cannot let your green insect’s /bat’s thoughts stop you. I have to go now; I can return maybe, if you call me again. You may call me Rock Lip, it is not my real name, but I may respond to your call. Remember the work we do is important. You together are sending out big, positive, magical energy waves. Don’t ever doubt that. Always have fun and laugh first, that makes the work good.”

Then, I, Michael, was me again. Sofia and I sipped some more wine and tried to understand and digest for a long time what that all meant. I am not sure we have figured it out yet, but it was fun to experience and write about.

My Sister Nancy Has Died

My Brother Dan died eight weeks ago, and now my sister Nancy has passed. I am a bit off balance, to say the least. I not only believe, but know, that they are both in a better place, and are much happier now than before their death. But I am left with two more big holes in my life, where loving family had once been. I can visit them on the astral, but I can’t call, text, email or visit them in the physical world any more. They are not around to reminisce about our childhood days. Like when there was a bully who lived down the street and he kept picking on me when I got off the school bus to go home and my older sister Nancy decided to meet me at the bus stop one day and beat him up for me. Or, how I never cared much what I wore for clothes as a kid in grammar school. But when I started in junior high school, my sister Nancy sat me down and said: “Look, if you want to be really popular, you and I are going to start buying your clothes together. That year I won the prize for the best dressed kid in the class and the next year I was elected class president. After that I went back to wearing ripped jeans and army surplus cloths.

When Nancy moved to Maine and my boy scout troop was caught in a blizzard while camping out in New Hampshire, I called her up, and we all drove to her house instead of going home and stayed in her living room while the blizzard snowed us in. When Nancy moved to California, I and a friend, both of us still in high school, hitch hiked to from Boston to California to visit her and her husband.  Nancy worked for me at Magical Blend Magazine for a while in the 80’s when she split with her husband and moved to San Francisco. She became deeply involved in the New Age and spiritual teachings and we would discuss them late into the night. The stories go on and on.

But as the years went by Nancy got sick and could not work anymore. A few  months ago things got worst. She had a rare cancer in her intestine, liver, and kidneys and the doctors told her she had two weeks to live. My saintly and dedicated younger sister Elizabeth took a leave of absence from her work to care for her. Nancy would not let any other extended family members come to help. She would only allow Elizabeth and the hospice workers to be near her in the end. We communicated mostly by email and text. At this point talking was hard for her. Six difficult weeks later, Nancy died in her sleep. I will always be grateful for all the memories I have of Nancy and for now I am working to not to let my sadness or depression ruin my day to day existence.  Bless you Nancy and enjoy your new existance.

The Beginnings of a New Magical Life


Sofia, my wife, and I met magically on a bus going from Cusco, Peru to Puno, Peru, the latter being located on the shores of mythical Lake Titicaca. I have written of this many times elsewhere. Our love was blessed by my old friends the Inca Gods and Goddesses. We both have studied different forms and approaches to magic, myth and the occult, through all our adult lives. I have written books on the Inca Gods and Goddesses and the shamans of the Amazon. Sofia has written books on Norse Gods and Goddesses as well as her unique interpretations of the Norse runes.

We parted after a few days. She returned to Sweden, her homeland. I traveled in Bolivia. We emailed for many months. Eventually, I was in San Diego, California, and she flew in for a two-week vacation. I had magically been given the use of an isolated cabin, on Mount Palomar. Needless to say, we shared many forms of sexual magic. In between she practiced seider, an ancient form of Norse witchcraft. There are many elements to seider, one includes allowing possession of yourself by other-dimensional beings. The closest I have seen to this is Haitian voodoo possession ceremonies that I had the privilege to attend. Sofia brought in a wide array of entities, who changed her mannerisms and way of speaking, to me in up to that point unimaginable ways. The beings would talk to me and answer my questions. I learned much new magical knowledge and over the years that followed many useful things have come out of those possessions.

It turned out, we had been drawn to this area in Mount Palomar on the side of the mountain, because there was a tribe of forest beings living here and had been for centuries. (As unlikely as this might seem.) I had previously seen fairies and elves and little jungle magical beings, but had no experience with inter-dimensional near ageless forest folk. I called them “little people.” They got very insulted. “Do not call us that! We are as tall as you are sir,” they replied. “Oh, sorry,” I said, unsure of just what I was talking to. They are like humans and they are part animal and part plant. They are even part insect and maybe part rock.

Towards the end of the two weeks I said something admiring about Sofia’s ability to bring in these beings. She said: “Oh you can do it too, if you want. Let me show you how.” In no time I felt like I was a very joyous, playful forest being – not hardly human at all. I was speaking differently and viewing reality differently. The being that came through me was called Norfardo as I remember it. He turned out to have some hard-to-understand connection to Sofia from another time. He came through because he wanted to tell her he cared for her and was there for her; He was proud of all she had done and was available to be called on for insights, guidance, or help if she needed him. After a while he left me. I felt strange and tingly and disoriented, but strangely thrilled that this had happened.

The two weeks ended way to soon. I cried as Sofia boarded a plane back to Sweden, neither of us knowing when, or how, we would reunite. Things have turned out well on that level and Sofia has helped me get better at working seider magic. We now take turns on different appropriate evenings, allowing a wide array of extra dimensional beings to possess us and talk through us.

Magic vs the Material World


When I was in Sweden recently, I was sick one weekend, while my wife Sofia, taught witchcraft classes. I laid in a new friend’s guest bed and I looked at trailers for the Dr. Strange movie. I reflected on what magic really is. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and now Dr. Strange, all see magic as a special effects, superhero energy force, used to fight clearly defined strong evil . While what Sofia was teaching, was how to draw on your inner knowing, inner answers and nature magic to enhance your life and achieve more of your hopes and dreams.

Magic is real. Magic is powerful. Magic is learnable. But evil and good are not black and white, just as casting spells do not usual sparkle and glow. It is great that Hollywood has found magic and that it sells. That will inspire and open the minds of millions. But what is more exciting to me is the realtor I talked to yesterday who did yoga, reiki and had psychic readings. There is a groundswell of magic coming into the mainstream consciousness around the planet Earth.

Thanks to the internet there are now countless ways to access information about how to develop our innate magical powers . They are becoming available to all of us. Amazing numbers of people are stopping their unfulfilling quest for material possessions and spending time and energy exploring alternative spiritual paths. If you seek, so you will find. As you desire, so you can manifest. Magic is seldom consistent and it will not last without maintenance, but we all have the real knowledge and answers within us. We, by listening to these answers, we can destroy much evil in the universe or better yet build alternative better realities for ourselves, those we care about and all humanity. Please go forth and find your own real magic.